Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anime North Aftermath

Well Anime North was awesome to say the least. A couple of my friends and I were set up at the Dealer's room to sell our goods. There's the excitement of the setting up for the first day, and the thrill of all the people pouring into the Dealer's room. At some points it does get crazy and you don't know where to turn, and there are points where your feet hurt from all the standing, but someone telling you that they love your art is all worth it :D I know it's all covered in cheese, however I have no fear of cheese. 

I had a couple of commissions over the weekend for Snape from the Harry Potte franchise and Panty and Brief from an anime called Panty and Stocking.  


And so I came up with a new design for the mini paintings. The girls that got these paintings (I did 2) were completely thrilled with them. The Snape, I don't have a picture of, however one of my friends did take a picture of him and is going to send me that eventually, and that includes the Anime North setup as well, I have one of the rough drafts so to speak

 We ended up putting a black cloth behind my painting to showcase them a little more and we got a table for under that set up. The domo painting there was the first one to be bought! The Harry Potter paintings seemed to do really well, and I'm so happy that they found good homes. 

These two are the last ones I have with me and they look really cute together. Finally, the collection that I brought with me to Anime North 

80% of those are gone now. One of my table mates (K) suggest that I could turn these paintings into fridge magnets. I think that would be a great idea and I will start offering that to my customers and keep a note on it on my artfire account. 

Well that's all for now! 

p.s. I'm already preparing for Anime North 2012 :D

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