Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Naru2U was eventful to say the least. Nothing was wrong with the convention, the convention was great, just the hotel wasn't. But I don't want to dwell too much on that. So I bring you some convention pics! 

The first couple of pictures are of our tables, and I say our because I was there with my friend Kayla who runs her own shop RococoNeko which she sells mainly hand made clothes and various accessories. And the picture on the right is my table. I was unable to put up my backdrop because I lost a little piece that was supposed to make it stand. Oh well I made do with what I had. The left part of my table was used by some of my other friends to sell their wears :) I think it was their first convention selling so they were a bit excited. :) They helped me sell a few of my things as well, while I went looking around and sneaking a peak at other people's stuff.

This is a closer look at the set up of my booth. I got my self a magnet board which had a cork frame and I was able to write on it too! I was so happy with that purchase. One of my other friends was able to spare her grid so I could have a proper display, which I think I should have done something more with it to at least make it bigger. However at that moment I was feeling discouraged and winded. I was happy to have help from my friend J.R. I'm so thankful I got so many people helping me! 

And not having a wifi enabled phone would have been disastrous for me. I don't have one but my friends did! Again THANK YOU! :D I was able to look up what characters look like, and get the colours done right. The first one is from Yugioh, a dark magician man, I think that's what it's called. And the other is one of Chibi-Moon :D I will be doing more Tangles of her in the future (Anime North!) And they were so happy with the paintings they gave me double the amount I was asking for!

Till next time! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brothers Reunited

I really think they should be shown together. I present Luigi! And he's got awesomely big ears too! Right now he's just magnet sized, 2 by 2.75 I don't know if I have any plans right now to make him any bigger. But if I find a mushroom... then the possibilities are endless :P


I might do some small changes to Mario's eyes, maybe put a little light shine on them, possibly make them look less flat.

I'm mainly doing prep work for Naru2u. It's this weekend by the way. I'm not sure I have enough of stock, but one of my friends assures me that it is a relatively small convention. I will be offering commissions so I won't be too limited in that respect. Next week I'll be posting some pics of the convention as well as a recent homework assignment. I've got some before and after pics too :) 

Well see you guys after the Con! :D