Thursday, October 10, 2013

Leftover Canvas

I was thinking about what to do with my left over canvas. I, like many other artists reuse the wooden frames of old canvases. Stretch new canvas where that old painted canvas stood. There are other ways, however where one could just paint over the old stretched canvas. It takes a sander to get rid of all the bumpy paint and a some gesso to cover everything. But what if you wanted to start completely new? What happens to that extra canvas that you've essentially de-boned? I know it's a gruesome way of putting it. You wouldn't be able to stretch it again on to a new frame.

You could just use it as a palette for more paint and then call it an abstraction. But then again I already have a really good palette. One that can save the colors you're working with so you'll be able to use it next time. This way it would dry up too fast.

You could possibly create a really strong paper mache sculpture, with out the paper. But then again it would take a lot of glue and a lot of time. None of which I have right now.

I have a huge stack (well it's not really a stack more like a pile) okay a pile of old canvases, and I don't know what to do with them.

We live in a recycling community, the renewing, reusing, and complete inability to throw out anything. I feel bad just throwing anything out. I have never thrown out any old canvas paintings, even the ones that aren't mine. I have bought old paintings that were on stretched canvas just so I could take the frame. It saves me money and the money goes to a good place. Usually going to a club at the university.

But then I sit here with this:

a bunch of used staples and used canvases. Possibly still good, probably. But then again there's only so far I can stretch a canvas.

Till next time.