Friday, December 28, 2012

Year In Review

So I've decided  to look into my old post that I made almost a year ago about new years resolutions. And I'm a bit happy that I did accomplish most of them, not all mind you, but most.

Lets take a look at the list:

1. Work in different mediums when doing stuff in my sketchbook. 
I was able to accomplish this I did put in more water color sketches, but my classes did push me to try new things. 

2. Get some bookmarks done. 
I was able to do more on this, but the document hasn't been printed yet... so no merchandise yet. I did have another great idea. Which I will point out in my New Years Resolution area/page.

3. Get some key-chains done.
accomplished this!!! YAY! I say this because it has now become something that people just keep wanting at my store. And I plan to make different characters. 

4. Put more stuff on sale on the web-site
I was able to put up a print for sale, I know it's not a big improvement but I plan to do more. I have a couple more paintings that I want to make into prints and I will probably go to the same place that I went to before to get the printing done. Which for the record is Grand&Toy, for the record they are a bit expensive, but I can't argue with the quality that does come out from it. 

5. Attend more Conventions.
I was hoping it would be more than 4, but I can't go to everything I want. I think that's where the balance comes from. I think the next year will be the same. I might find more mini conventions that I could go to.

- Anime North
- Mini con at my University
- Naru2U

6. Go to Sweden!
No dice on Sweden, but then again I'm always hoping I'd be able to go. 

7. Make the blog posts more regular.
I still wasn't on the greatest schedule... just as the year was starting I was full of hope and through the middle I think I gave up. I'm going to try harder next year to make the blog posts a little more regular. 

8. Start an online comic. 
Not started yet. I just should, instead of just putting off. 

Next post... the New Years Resolutions
And just for good measure... here's a drawing :)

As most of you already know, I'm a bit of a Harry Potter fanatic... I'm on pottermore, and I've been sorted into Slytherin and I'm very happy about it. 

Till next time!