Thursday, June 30, 2011

Snape VS Link

Oh the Harry Potter love continues with Snape, one of my two favorite characters in the HP series, (Moody is my other one!) And this little guy was actually a commission at Anime North. I wasn't really feeling well the night that I had to do this commission, so my friend Kayla (who has her own website RococoNeko) did the drawing of Snape for me. I really wasn't able to think straight that night and I'm thankful she helped me out! I'm still unsure if I should do more, but I'd probably do more by demand. And yes this Snape has a hooked nose, but I added it only when the customer came by and bought it, and unfortunately this picture was take way before that. 

This Link is no longer in my possession! It's was given to a good friend's Fiance who loves Link! And Link comes with a bit of good news. 

Good news: I'm going to be selling my paintings at ConBravo! The con's at the end of July more specifically the 30th and 31, and it's in Burlington. And yes there will be more Link :D 

But I will be posting more! I've got a few more templates to do but I should be done all the paintings by the 27th of July, hopefully..... 

Wish me luck! 

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