Saturday, March 24, 2012

Post Convention Report

I had a bit of fun at my last convention. Okay, a lot! I shared a table with one of my good friends Carol. She sells jewellery like earnings, necklaces and other fancy things. Here's her shop on Etsy. She had a ton more stuff for the convention, like a pair of creeper earrings!! Those of you who love minecraft will know what I'm talking about. A couple of friends popped by and said 'Hello' which I liked. I love being able to see a familiar face in the crowd. Again with this convention as well as many other I got many requests for custom paintings, which I love being able to do. One customer asked for a snoopy, which I unfortunately did not take a picture of, but I did have the inclination to paint a Charlie Brown.

(One customer couldn't stop laughing at Charlie Brown, she was in some hysterical laugher mode, and couldn't believe that she found my paintings.) 

I brought in some new stock for the convention, I added Pokemon to the collection. 

I think I might change the design of Charmander and Bulbasaur, I don't care for the 'shine spot' on their heads. I might also add a Master Ball and an Ultra Ball to the Pokemon paintings. I'm also thinking for the next big convention I will be adding quite a few things:
- Sailor Moon and her scouts
- Power Puff Girls (Mojojo - maybe)
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
- Possibly Adventure Time (maybe if I have time)

Till next time! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I recently had a commission on my Etsy Site where someone had requested a character from Neon Genesis Evangelion. The character's name is Rei I believe, and the person who requested her is a huge fan :) She asked for two magnets one for her fridge and one for her collection. They are magnet Tangles and their design changed through the painting process. I went with the first one because of the way the hair fell. I hope she likes them! 

I usually write a card with every thing I send out, it's just a 'Thank you' card and a little drawing too.  For the customer that asked for the commission, I decided to draw the commissioned character. And I coloured it too! I hope she'll like the surprise@

This is what I usually put for the people who order the Harry Potter trio from my store.  It's just the Harry Potter characters as cute little chibis. I picked that style because of how easy/quick it would be to draw and still get the care it would need to show the customers how grateful I am for their business. Harry always ends up with bigger glasses. 

Till next time!
See you guys at the con!!