Sunday, April 8, 2012

Counting Another Sick Day

First off, Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! :D Second, I'm sick, so I'll keep this pretty brief. I just want to show you guys what I completed for my first project back in February I believe. Some of you remember I drew this: 

That was in my sketchbook. I had to create a bigger version of it for my first project. I decided on a Dumbo theme like mentioned before. I made the clouds look like elephants, I exaggerated the ears and made them look more comical. The drawing is made up of two pages, and each page is about 22 inches by 30 inches. 

I decided to add myself into the picture to show my connection to Dumbo as per the project. The drawing was done with a brush pen and watercolour pencils. And I'm pretty happy with it. I will be putting this up somewhere in my room, just don't know where yet.  

Other than that, I'm sick again and I have my exams coming up and I feel like I should be studying more despite my illness, but I can't concentrate all that much. 

Till next time!