Sunday, March 27, 2011

Abstract wigs

Hi everybody! Today I bring you another self portrait, me without my glasses and with a wig. I would love to own a wig like that and not be mocked on the streets. I say we bring these wigs back! Whose with me?! 
This is a small painting 9x12 inches, and it was used for a study for the painting that I posted on the last post. 

 This was a painting for my mother, I have yet to hang it up, we don't know where to put it just yet. She recently had the walls painted and a lot of things re-done. This painting is 2x2 feet and I love that its so square. I don't get to paint squares very often. 

See you guys next time! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Double self portrait all the way!!!

Sorry about the long hiatus folks, but I was knee deep in essays and homework and finials are soon approaching. However I have some new stuff to show you. It's another painting that I recently completed. I have  the work in progress photos as well. Its 2ft by 3ft and it took a lot of paint!

As you can see here I drew out the whole thing and then painted over it.

And yes this is a double self portrait. But I personally like my self as the geisha a lot better. 

Till next time!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Painting of Four

Well hello again! 
This time I bring you a series of four paintings that required me to be the model. They are done very recently and are supposed to be unique aspects of my body and one thing that represents me. The style of the paintings had to be quick brush strokes and not too polished.   

This first one is of my knee where I had a brutal escalator accident. Trust me stairs are not my friends (even the moving ones).  

This painting is of my birthmark found on my right side, and yes those white lines are stretch marks.  

There's this crazy thing my finger does and I think I captured it really well here. Can anyone else do anything like this? 

The last one is of my glasses. I love these things, I can't live with out them. My mom happened to be looking at them when she was wanting to clean and tried grabbing to put them aside only to realize they weren't real. Love you Mom! 

Well till next time! Bye!