Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Human Figure

This post contains nudity. This painting is from my recent painting class and I will be posting more for that class in the coming months .
If you can see it (nude). Well it's just more showing a woman's body you can't really see anything per-say, but that's what its supposed to be. I used blues for dark areas and only used red, white, and yellow for the light areas. There is a proven theory that blues and greens tend to recess and reds and yellows tend to come forward. I wanted to be able to create a rounded shape, something light and airy in comparison to the subject matter. My Prof. said that it feels like the frame of the painting can't even contain her. 

I really don't want to be doing any more essays, I just feel like curling up in a ball and falling asleep for the next 2 days, however that would put me severely behind. Blargh, oh the life of a student.

Till next time! 

Friday, October 21, 2011

I Wanna Be the Very Best!

Like no one ever was! 

Sorry about that, but a wave of nostalgia took over. And because I've painted something awesome! The title of the post should give you a hint. 


Just like many of my other Tangles this one is 2 by 2.75 inches. I've got a tiny bottle on my table now labelled as "pokeball red". And yes I do mix my own colours! I should put up a picture later of the various paint bottles.   

I had a willing volunteer to help me model the pokeballs. We were able to attach the Pokeballs via tape. But I will be able to turn them into key chains! So there's always that option instead of just a regular magnet. 

Another thing one of my friend suggested is that I sell prints of all the paintings that I do I probably will be doing that for Anime North 2012 but not for the next con however. I have way too much work to finish. While I go cry in the corner with my piles of essays that I have to do please enjoy the silliness of my sister as a Poke-Master! 

Till next time!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Some thing Awesome this way comes!

Awesome news!!!!

I will be selling key chains now! And they're even smaller than before! Keeping with tradition I did a tiny Ron for my first key chain just like the first Tangle was a Ron. The main problem was the fact that I didn't have the supplies that I needed. The little hooks that needed to be put into the painting and the key-chain part of it too. I always knew that I was going to make key-chains, it was just a matter of when. Right now I'm working more on transferring all the designs into a smaller template and then worrying about my eyesight. I'll try not to completely ruin it. :P 

But here are the pictures!! I'm just way too excited about this! I will be putting a matte finish on these just so they can withstand a good beating and the horrendous Canadian weather.

I just put this ring on about an hour ago! @______@ I am just way too excited about this. 

Till next time!