Thursday, July 28, 2011

Le Shock

So an update on the news of my camera! It is no longer lost! :D yay! And with the finding of my camera comes new pictures! I've been completely swamped with creating variety for my customers at ConBravo, and I feel like I've run out of time. It feels like I haven't done as much as I was supposed to. However I was able to do a few commissions. One was for a friend in Montreal, well not for her but for her boyfriend. (I hope he likes it!) I mailed it out a couple of weeks ago, and I hope it reaches them safely.

I'm not too familiar with the character, I had to look her up when she was requested. She's from Final Fantasy IV and her name is Rydia. She's 6in by 12in and I was worried about the cost of shipping her to Montreal, however I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was only $2! I don't know if you can see it but she has star earrings and they were the cutest thing to do.

I didn't realize that I never put up a picture of Hermione, so here she is! This is a new design, but the only thing different are her curls on the side of her head. They were a lot thinner in the old design, and some people thought she looked a bit like Neville. Hopefully this will change that! She's tiny only 2in x 2.75in and will be turned into an awesome magnet for someone.

Some people have been mentioning to me that I should include more of the Harry Potter characters into my collection, and I've decided the next three are going to be Luna, Neville and Snape (possibly Draco too. Side note, I'll make one of Voldemort too and then have them hug awkwardly :P [and for those who haven't seen the movie, I'm sorry for the spoiler])

Some other bit of news I had some business cards made and I'm very excited about them. I turned myself into a Tangle on one side and on the other it has all my info.

I really like it!

Till next time!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This just in!

So bad news everyone! I've lost my camera. :sad face: Good news, I've been painting! I've got a new design for Hermione, and I think I like it a lot better than the last one. When I had it out the last time, a lot of people were confusing her for Neville. I was wondering "How?". But anyway new design, which I will post next time. I've been rather lax about the amount I paint for ConBravo, I shouldn't be, but the notion that it is a smaller convention is deceiving me. And I think I need to paint a lot more. 

So a couple of new things, one being that my paintings are hanging in a great Yogurt shop in Pacific Mall called Youtopia! So far its Harry and Ron, Hermione will soon follow once the owner figure where to put her. But I'm glad he likes them so much! I'm going to be doing a couple more for him as his list of commissions grows. So go see the paintings hanging and have some awesome yogurt! (Taro and Mango are my favorites, separately of course) 

Second new thing, I'm getting some business cards done! :D I know I have horrible timing, I should have had these ready for Anime North. However I was a bit naive in thinking that my home printer would do the job. Murphy's Law folks. :sad face again: But they look cool, awesomely double-sided and are in full color. yay!

Third thing, I'm going to be painting Mario, Luigi, Batman, Superman, and DeadPool as Tangles I'm aiming to have them ready for ConBravo, possibly as tiny paintings at first. 

And last is that I will be taking commissions! They are going to be a little bit more expensive than what I do usually, just gimme a shout on my email @ and lemme know what you want, we can work out a price! 

Till next time!