Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pre-Drawing for Tangles

I just wanted to do a quick update today, I know I haven't been too vigilant about posting onto this blog and I'm sorry. My only excuse is school. And so that means more essays, more stuff to read and yes this includes more paintings! Nothing to show quite yet, but lots eventually (in regards to paintings I mean). But for now I've got a bunch of preliminary sketches that I did in regards to future Tangles that I'm planning to do, or I might not, it all depends on how I feel. 

This ducky one I know I'm probably not going to do, I was just doodling while I was on the subway one day and I was bored of staring at people (they get weird-ed out)

Luigi is already in the works and right now I'm sitting at 9 copies for him and he will be done by the time I'm at my next convention, which is in November in Ottawa! (I just have to draw on his face!!)

Next is Sailor Moon, this one I'm definatly going to do. She one of my favourtie characters and I'm probably going to do one of Tuxedo Mask and Mini Moon too. Those ones will be ready for Anime North 2012, but possibly done sooner. 

Here's another doodle one, I'm probably not going to paint this one. Just a cute kitty eating a fishie.

And you've already seen him and you can see how many hearts I've drawn around him that I <3 DeadPool and I couldn't believe it took me this long to convert him into a Tangle.

And last is Mr. SquarePants himself :D I`m probably going to stick to the second one just because it`s just a bit more put together. And he will be ready for Anime North 2012 or sooner!

Till next time! And I promise that next time wont be too long, I have some awesome news that I want to share with people!!!