Tuesday, May 29, 2012

AnimeNorth Aftermath

I can't believe it's been one year since I started "Tangles". I honestly thought that I'd never get past AnimeNorth 2011. It's just on the strange side. I can't get past the craziness of it. 

So AnimeNorth 2012 was just completely awesome. I saw a few old friends, got a couple of new posters, picked up a manga and ate a really awesome burrito. Oh burrito, how you complete me. 

Well with out any further ramblings about food, here is our booth!

I was join by my friend Kayla (the one with the pink hair) and Carol (she isn't in the picture :( or she could be hiding). This picture was taken on Sunday, when we finally had a chance to breathe. The TCC was packed with people, I mean really really packed. I was expecting a lot less people on Saturday, but I guess people were there for sales. But all in all a good time was had by all.

I also had some of my art work at the Gallery Momiji at the convention. I was able to dig up an old picture that I posted on this blog earlier in the year and show some progress of the art. I wish I could have had a middle work in progress picture possibly just to show some progress. 

It sold at a live auction for about $35. Which isn't too bad, I was expecting it to go for much less. I think I will put a posting up on Etsy to sell prints, I've got a ton of them left over. 

 Another think I introduced at the con were Adventure Time Tangles! Last time I think I only had Jake and Princess Bubblegum. Then I added Marceline and Jake. They are now on Etsy as a set. :D 

I think the next con that I'm heading to is Atomic Lolipop, if they could just get back to me about a table. 

Well till next time!

oh man.. burrito cravings!!!  

Saturday, May 12, 2012

What time is it?


That's right I've been working on Adventure Time Tangles I've got Princess Bubblegum done as well as Jake the Dog. Finn the Human is about half way done and the others are slowly getting painted. 

I have tones of stuff to do for the prep for Anime North, I need to finish way too many paintings although I did do some planning for the time and the frustrations that come with Anime North, I forgot something. 

I have another table set up for the Gallery Momiji at Anime North as well as a Dealers room table with my good friends Kayla, Carol, and Amy. Now at the table for Gallery Momiji, I will have paintings for auction . They are one of a kind paintings and they also include prints of the paintings. Unfortunately for me, I am a little behind on completing the paintings. I've only got one done. I'm planing to have nine for the table. I think I put way too much on my plate. But it's always been like this. Here's one that I'm working on.

It's a compilation of all the popular animes and the power house that is studio Ghibli. Unfortunately the people who buy the prints miss out on the awesomeness that are the sides of the painting. I want people to enjoy a painting from all sides. This painting is just going to be black and white no colour just cool designs. This painting size is at 10 inches by 5 inches and is a perfect size for portability. 

Some other fun news includes my Tangles; couple of my paintings are at Youtopia in Pacific Mall. Charlie the unicorn and Domo are set up for viewing! Go check them out if you have the time!

Sorry for the long hiatus. And I'm sick once again. 

 Till next time!