Monday, October 8, 2012

Abstract Painting

I've been taking a long hiatus from this blog just hoping that I would be able to get a spark of something new to do, and school happened and I was able to do art. I think I just need some motivation. I always want to try something new with my art projects, something that takes some time but I never see them through to their full completion. It reminds me of Leonardo da Vinci in a way, by no means am I comparing my self to him just the way he would work. He was some what of a flake in many of his art projects, sometimes he wouldn't complete them because he got distracted by something else like math problems or that cool water formation that he saw a few days ago. I feel that way about the internet, I find my self distracted by it and intrigued by its ever changing quality, it's never the same internet. There's always something new to look at, and something else to do. I guess to the easily distracted this is paradise.

I digress... back to showing you some art:

I have an abstract painting class this semester and I'm not too worried about it. I have a great teacher and I've been keeping up with the course load. In one word: Easy. First, the project starts with us getting an unprimed canvas (3ft by 8ft), laying it on the floor and splashing paint onto it. We then had to cut the whole thing up and sow/glue/staple it back together making something else entirely. 

This is what I started with:

The prof explained that it might be better for me if it had a bit more variation in the color. This is what came next:

Now at this point the painting was very wet and I had used a lot of paint that was water down. The logical thing would have been just to let it dry in it's place, but I was told that there was going to be another class later that day and they needed the work space as well so I had to move it. Unfortunately when I picked up the canvas (all 3ft by 8ft of it) all the colors began to run into each other and I was left with a muddle of pink and purple. Luckily for me the prof came to my rescue and told me to relax and that I would be able to play with the back side of the canvas as well to created some contrast. 
Now the cutting, I had an elaborate plan to make a hanging 3D structure that would come down from the ceiling and look a lot like a Christmas tree with various triangles. Good thing: the prof nixed it. Bad thing: I had already started cutting the triangles. This is what I ended up with. I grabbed my hot glue gun and started gluing the pieces together, folding and layering until I ran out of glue sticks for the glue gun. I then grabbed the needle and thread, which of course isn't as fun because it took a long time to do anything and the fabric was too thick... so yay for blistered fingers. 

All in all the prof actually liked it. It taught me a new way of processing art. 
Till next time!