Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rockin' out with my Bach out!

 I'm still in Exam mode, I've got one tomorrow, and I thought it would be nice not to think about it for a few minutes. And I've decided to post some stuff from my drawing class.  

And yes those are my feet. I took my head pones and drew them six times, three of them the same way and three of them from different angles. All done with marker but I did make some small outlines with pencil to pick out all the bits hit by light. The whole thing is 2x3 feet but it's all cut into square and there are a lot of possibilities in terms of combinations. 

These top three are the favorites of the project and are now on my wall!

 I can't seem to catch a break with the rotation of the pictures. It's giving me a headache, but hopefully I can make the point with the project. It was mainly to observe the different lines and patterns that I could bring out of the headphones and my wacky imagination. 
 I personally don't like coffee too much, but when I do drink coffee is mainly to stay up late to finish assignments or to stay up a bit longer to study for exams. And so I'm hoping that it doesn't have to come to this: 

see that smile? it scares me. 

Wish me luck! Till next time!

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