Thursday, April 7, 2011

Color Theory

I was doing some digging today and found some neat stuff that I did a few years ago. I think it was about three year ago. I was at Seneca for Art Fundamentals and this was a second semester class. Everyone had to keep a sketchbook for a final mark and these pieces were a part of mine. The whole sketchbook is about 14x11 inches. I'm also planing to frame some of this stuff, and possibly put it in my room. 

I think I called this one "Nature and Urban" as a sort of mixing of patterns and forms. One as curvy and the other as stiff. This covers one whole page of the sketchbook, I can't entirely remember what I was thinking when I made this. It was a long time ago.

This one as you can see focused on pointillism and opposing colors. There's actually green spots on that red apple. It's more to bring out the darker parts of the apple with out adding black to the painting. This picture is tiny, its about 5.5x7.5 inches.

I remember this being something about a repeating pattern and promote color harmonies. Colors that just mesh well together to create something awesome is the way I see it. This piece covers the whole page of the sketchbook.

This one was supposed to be about emphasizing a color. A part of me wants this picture to be a bit darker, I probably will go ahead and make it darker at a later time. When I have a bit more time, granted I don't misplace the sketchbook and find it four months later. Again this covers the whole sketchbook.

Till next time!

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