Tuesday, May 29, 2012

AnimeNorth Aftermath

I can't believe it's been one year since I started "Tangles". I honestly thought that I'd never get past AnimeNorth 2011. It's just on the strange side. I can't get past the craziness of it. 

So AnimeNorth 2012 was just completely awesome. I saw a few old friends, got a couple of new posters, picked up a manga and ate a really awesome burrito. Oh burrito, how you complete me. 

Well with out any further ramblings about food, here is our booth!

I was join by my friend Kayla (the one with the pink hair) and Carol (she isn't in the picture :( or she could be hiding). This picture was taken on Sunday, when we finally had a chance to breathe. The TCC was packed with people, I mean really really packed. I was expecting a lot less people on Saturday, but I guess people were there for sales. But all in all a good time was had by all.

I also had some of my art work at the Gallery Momiji at the convention. I was able to dig up an old picture that I posted on this blog earlier in the year and show some progress of the art. I wish I could have had a middle work in progress picture possibly just to show some progress. 

It sold at a live auction for about $35. Which isn't too bad, I was expecting it to go for much less. I think I will put a posting up on Etsy to sell prints, I've got a ton of them left over. 

 Another think I introduced at the con were Adventure Time Tangles! Last time I think I only had Jake and Princess Bubblegum. Then I added Marceline and Jake. They are now on Etsy as a set. :D 

I think the next con that I'm heading to is Atomic Lolipop, if they could just get back to me about a table. 

Well till next time!

oh man.. burrito cravings!!!  

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