Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mr. SquarePants

The one problem with SpongeBob is that his name suggests that he has "square pants", however his pants are rectangular. Blasphemy you say, but take a closer look: 

His pants... Rectangular!! And yes he is very porous I can't deny that. I do my painting in layers and SpongeBob is about 10 layers. I also do multiples of each character to save on time. So right now I have 9 sets of SpongeBob eyes looking at me, and they're all smiling. It's a bit creepy but it's SpongeBob so it's okay. He's a little one only 2 inches by 2.75 inches, and I'm still debating making bigger paintings of him. It would enhance the "Tangles" experience, but I'm lazy. Maybe not for the next convention, possibly Anime North. They get all the good stuff. 

 I'm going to make a post next Sunday with the bigger drawing of the elephant picture that I posted in early January. I'm really proud of that piece and I'll be putting it up in my room when I get it back from my evaluation. 

Till next time! 

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