Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sick Again

I should start counting out how many times I get sick a school year. Sorry this is probably going to be very short. First picture is from my sketch-book. It going along with this awesome artist called Mattias. His work is just mind blowing for me and I wish I able to have as much dedication as he does. 


Can you guess what I'm painting?

Till next time!


  1. Hello~ I am that weird curry's store worker who is always asking to see your work but never found it due to self stupidity D: BUT FINALLY I HAVE FOUND IT!! :D and it's awesome~ very neat and OMG ARE THOSE GREEN THINGS WHAT I THINK THEY ARE!? :D :D

    1. I was like... who's this person following me? Then I was happy when I found a comment! :D yay! it's you! :D what do you think they are? :)