Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brothers Reunited

I really think they should be shown together. I present Luigi! And he's got awesomely big ears too! Right now he's just magnet sized, 2 by 2.75 I don't know if I have any plans right now to make him any bigger. But if I find a mushroom... then the possibilities are endless :P


I might do some small changes to Mario's eyes, maybe put a little light shine on them, possibly make them look less flat.

I'm mainly doing prep work for Naru2u. It's this weekend by the way. I'm not sure I have enough of stock, but one of my friends assures me that it is a relatively small convention. I will be offering commissions so I won't be too limited in that respect. Next week I'll be posting some pics of the convention as well as a recent homework assignment. I've got some before and after pics too :) 

Well see you guys after the Con! :D 

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