Friday, October 7, 2011

Some thing Awesome this way comes!

Awesome news!!!!

I will be selling key chains now! And they're even smaller than before! Keeping with tradition I did a tiny Ron for my first key chain just like the first Tangle was a Ron. The main problem was the fact that I didn't have the supplies that I needed. The little hooks that needed to be put into the painting and the key-chain part of it too. I always knew that I was going to make key-chains, it was just a matter of when. Right now I'm working more on transferring all the designs into a smaller template and then worrying about my eyesight. I'll try not to completely ruin it. :P 

But here are the pictures!! I'm just way too excited about this! I will be putting a matte finish on these just so they can withstand a good beating and the horrendous Canadian weather.

I just put this ring on about an hour ago! @______@ I am just way too excited about this. 

Till next time!

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