Friday, January 21, 2011

Good Morning? or Good Night?

Good Morning? or Good Night?
Which ever way you look at it, I should be asleep! 
So I'm going to be updating this blog twice a week with at least 2 artworks each time I post! Right now I've been jumbled up between homework, actual work and preparing myself for my friend's wedding. I am completely excited for her and have nothing but best wishes for them and their new life together. And I can't imagine how much of stress she's going through planing the whole thing, but she seems to have it together. But anyway about art, this set is from my drawing class, most of these drawings (I'll put some more up next time) are done with a nude model posing. 
So the usual warning stands; Contains Nudity  
This was one of the first drawings they asked us to do in the class, first day. I needed a lot of work. 

As the days went by we learned to do gestures, and as you can see I got a little better. 

These drawings exercises were designed for the artist to get a sense of movement in the figure quickly, most of these were done in under 10 minutes.

That's all for now!    

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