Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sketch time with Leeanne

For today post I present my sketches, all the preliminary work for how I work up to painting Tangles. 

My starting point is usually how I want the paintings set up, and does it stay true to the character.

This was a bunch of preliminary sketches for the Harry Potter trio, I wanted to figure out how they would look with different types of canvas and figure out if it would look good enough to sell to people. I wanted it to look cute as well as a bit whimsical.

With the choice of the dimensions of the painting set, I went to work on more specific things like the features of the face, the hair and the accessories. I wanted to stay as close as I could to the original character as possible to have the link between character and painting. 

I've decided the next big con that I'm planing to go to is the convention in Ottawa at the end of November called Naru2U! My friend and I will be attending as dealers. I have no idea yet on where the table is going to be but we're both very excited! It will be my first time going to Ottawa, I haven't had a chance to go visit it before however I don't think I'll be doing much sightseeing this time around. 

Next time more sketches for future Tangles! 

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